Bristol-2 cafe

location: Inavo-Frankivsk, srt. Shevchenka 68
area: 110m2
design: Michael Samoriz
status: in the process

Interior with black walls that will be textured using a cement-based covering called Microcemento, which creates continuous surfaces without joints and grooves.
European birch beams will intersect at different angles across the ceiling of the 110-square-metre space, contrasting with the black walls. “We wanted to make the project expressive, fresh and modern, using natural materials and finishes”
A wooden dining surface at bar height will be cantilevered from a central concrete pillar, while large conical lampshades will hang over individual square tables.
At one end of the cafe, angled lamps will hang from a horizontal I beam on the wall, directing light onto circular black tables surrounded by stools. Wine racks will store bottles above the bar and doorways, while wooden toilet cubicles stamped with a “fragile” motif like a packing crate will sit at the rear of the store.
The project is due for completion in summer 2016.

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