type: family restaurant
location: Taras Shevchenko street, 45, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
area: 148 m2
completed: 2021
designer: Michael Samoriz . Gomingir
photographer: Andy Shustykevych

The reastaurant is located in the downtown of Ivano-Frankivsk on Taras Shevchenko street, where there are different architectural epochs and styles, particularly modern style.
In one of these new buildings is opened the family restaurant Promenade.For residents and guests of Ivano-Frankivsk, Taras Shevchenko street is popular for its slowly walk.
From French promenade means “a walking; a public walk” so that is why the restaurant is called Promenade.
The space is realized in warm light and pastel tones moreover on the walls different textures are balanced: acoustic wooden panels, brick wall and soft wavy seating area.
In the Promenade the largest source of light are the panoramic windows, but the lamps are in the form of mercury drops with caustic effect and the tables are made of one-piece solid thirty-years-old oak
are the main values.For the convenience of guests there are various seating areas are offered, both for business meetings, family dinner or friendly gatherings.
An open wood-burning stove is used for its practical function: cooking traditional Italian pizza, furthermore, at the same time it is an element of decor.
In the dressing area there is a monolithic washbasin which is made of stainless steel and concrete, behind of it, is a vertical garden, and mirrored walls on the sides which create
the effect of infinity. In the restroom for comfort of visitors – dimmed light with futuristic lighting.
Our main goal was to embody the ideas of practicality with aesthetics in the project.

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