location: Inavo-Frankivsk, Nezalezhnosti, 11
area: 95 m2
status: realization 2020
design: Michael Samoriz
photo: Andy Shustykevych

The new Al Taglio pizzeria, like the restobar Poverh opened in one of the most beautiful buildings in Ivano-Frankivsk (formerly Stanislaviv), built by a wealthy German Karol Hauswald back in 1913.
The building survived two world wars and is now restored.Entrance to pizzeria is combined with ar-deco gallery, which is also used as entry for residents of buildin.
Renovated entrance group, old Austrian brick, visible metal elements, which are more than 100 years old. Main accent of the high and square interior is a large round
chandelier with a diameter of more than 4 meters, it is multifunctional, illuminates the tables with directional light, scattered light, and architectural monumental element.
There is also a second light in the interior, this is the technical room where the boilers are located, and the green garden, which has access to daylight.
Gallery and the second light is illuminated by the RGB LED lights, which can create different color mood.

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