In 1898 Isaac Mayer Horowitz built a three-storey house on Goslavsky (Vitovsky) Street. A butcher’s shop opened on the ground floor. The second and third floors were intended for apartments. Building is located in the central Ivano-Frankivsk, at Dmytro Vitovsky Street, the former Mauritius Goslavsky Street, where the many buildings of the late 19th century have been preserved.
In 1914, the Stanislaviv publisher Schreier issued a postcard with a view of Goslavsky Street,
where we can see a house in the style of classicism, which is preserved to this day
The house survived two World Wars almost without damage, but now needs a little restoration.
On the third floor will be located apartments. Their design will combine two epochs, a mixture of classicism and functional minimalism,
as well as elements of Hutsul crafts – geometric carving. The project provides for the restoration of existing wooden window frames and doors, balcony railings,
facade, and many different works to preserve the spirit of the past. The room overlooks a cozy Adam Mickiewicz park, which has existed for over 130 years
and is named in honor of famous Polish writer.

location: Vitovsʹkoho, 9, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
area: 86 м²
in progress

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