Hutsul Carving Chandelier

The reproduction of the folk traditional Hutsul craft is the indigenous kindness of the Carpathian Mountains located in the West of Ukraine) -wood carving,
which embodies the understanding of beauty and kindness, life-affirming worldview, gives this special design a special significance.
The spirituality and aesthetic representation of Hutsuls has a huge influence on the nature of the Carpathian Mountains, which seems to have merged life in this region.
The rich fantasy of the Highlanders was in a vivid peculiar arts, in particular in carving on a wood.

“I recall traveling to the Carpathians: from the rocks a magnificent panorama of mountain ranges and peaks.
But over time, the talented masters die, forests disappear, the mountain rivers flow, legends and customs are forgotten … It’s all painful to look at.
But we can remind ourselves of the original creativity, beauty and depth of the ornament of the disappearing (forgotten) people “, – says the designer.
This object has become a synthesis of traditional and contemporary worldview. For the designer. Michael Samoriz surprisingly translates the aesthetics
of traditional crafts in contemporary design and function of the subject.

Similarly, the lamp from Michael Samoriz consists of seven wooden shades (cherry) with ethnic ornament, mounted on a metal frame.
Wooden elements are made by hand.
Can be made in white and black colors

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